Go to www.ehcanadatravel.com and sign up as a participating tourism business or apply to become a Canadian Adventure Seeker. Or sign up your entire community on the “Experience Community Program”.

  1. You receive access to all the training materials in the library.
  2. You receive access to all the content marketing and social media tools for creating authentic quality content on the ehcanadatravel.com platform and social media channels.
  3. Businesses receive a community, regional and national listing and interactive personal travel profile on ehcanadatravel.com.
  4. You connect with a growing group of  travel, tourism, and adventure influencers, businesses, clubs, associations, etc. 

No, although this is a tourism focused platform, all small businesses, non – profits societies, clubs, etc. can sign up online. 

Sign up your community on the “Experience Community Program” which is an award-winning content marketing platform and training program designed for small towns called “Experience Community”.  

If you are not registered as a participating business, Canada Adventure Seeker or a Community Blogger you will  not be able to participate by liking, engaging or commenting. To join and learn new skills, post and participate as a tourism business please register here  OR as a traveller please register here.

We ask that you do not share your access codes. Access to the Moose Academy is for paying clients and participating travel influencers only. Violation will result in possible suspension from the program. Simply put. Please play nice and if others wish to participate please instruct them to support our Canadian company and sign  up and create an account like everyone else. 

Only communities who have signed up to the “Experience Community Program” and individuals who are registered as travel influencers in the “Canada Adventure Seeker Club” can participate in the monthly training meetings on Zoom.

Yes. Please sign up to the email newsletter and notification program on the Moose Academy. 

A Seeker is a travel and adventure influencer who belongs to the Canada Adventure Seeker Club creating content on the ehcanadatravel.com platform. The club is a special group of travel enthusiasts who contribute content to the website in an effort to assist travellers, and build their travel profile online. Seekers meet every month for skills training for creating authentic quality content on the website and social media. 

Please reach out and contact us with your suggestions. We cannot make promises, because creating new training materials depends on immediate need, time and resources. All suggestions will be considered and evaluated.

Eh Canada Marketing Group own and manage the ehcanadatravel.com tourism and travel website and the developers of the “Experience Community Program”. The website is a national award winning platform. Recently it was awarded the, “Best 2022 Adventure Planning Website in Canada”.

Experience Community is an authentic content marketing platform and training program designed for small towns. The program was awarded the “Best 2021 Marketing Program in Canada” and “Best Marketing Program for Communities Under 20,000 Population”.