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It is my mission to provide Canadian tourism, small businesses and small towns with the skills, technology and opportunities to master the critical tactics and strategies necessary to compete and be successful online.

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Intro Website Courses

Course 1

What is a Browser?

A Browser is ...

What is a Browser?

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Course 2

Why your business needs a website.

A Website will benefit any and all businesses...

Why your business needs a website.

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Some Feedback

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Intro Social Media Courses

Course 3

What is a Hashtag?

How do I use a hashtag ...

How to Build a Hashtag?

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Course 4

Why are Search Engines Important for Small Businesses and Towns?

Search Engines are an integral ...

Understanding Search Engines?

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Intro Internet Marketing Courses

Course 5

Do I Need An E-Commerce Website?

Ecommerce can expand your ....

Why should I consider e-commerce?

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Course 6

Why Content Marketing?

Effective content marketing ...

5 Effective Content Marketing Techniques

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